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2013 PEP Opens Tomorrow

The 2013 Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant competition is officially opening tomorrow, Tuesday, 2/26/2013. Applications will be due on Friday, 4/12/2013. The announcement will be posted in tomorrow’s Federal Register:


2 Responses to “2013 PEP Opens Tomorrow”
  1. Shannon Lee says:

    When will the next window open for the PEP Grant admission.

    • Rosalie Mangino-Crandall says:

      We don’t know yet when the next PEP competition will open. While the federal budget for 2014 has not yet passed, it seems likely PEP will be funded again in 2014 based on this inclusion in the Senate’s proposed bill for the Department of Education for 2014: “The Committee recommendation includes $78,536,000 to help LEAs and community-based organizations initiate, expand, and improve physical education programs for students in grades K-12. This funding will help schools and communities improve their structured physical education programs for students and help children develop healthy lifestyles to combat the national epidemic of obesity.”

      The listed amount, if approved, would be the total amount allocated to the program. A portion of that would fund continuation awards for existing awardees with multi-year grants with project periods that have not yet ended. The remainder would fund new awards. New awards could be made through a new competition OR down-the-slate funding. (When ED funds down the slate, as in 2012, awards are made to high-scoring but non-winning applicants from the most recently completed grant competition for the program.) If a new competition is held, based on past PEP grant application periods, the 2014 application period could open any time between January and July 2014. The deadline would be approximately 6 weeks after the application period opened. Most often, PEP has been due in the March/April/May timeframe, but there’s no guarantee. We probably will not have a clearer idea of when the application period will open and close for several more months.

      Thanks for commenting!

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