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2013 PEP information

According to the US Department of Education’s Forecast of Funding Opportunities (, the RFP for the 2013 Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant competition is expected to be released on or around 2/7/2013. Applications are expected to be due on or around 3/22/2013. While dates may still change, this is the official estimate. This is a super competitive program, so you’ll want to start working right away if you plan to apply this year.


I have written 18 and edited an additional 37 winning PEP grants since 2003, and served as Chief Evaluator for 21 PEP grants since 2008. As this track record shows, my team and I have the successful experience needed to help you develop a strong PEP application. If you’d like our assistance with PEP grant writing or editing this year, please contact us at or 716-474-0981 ASAP.


Good luck!


-Rosalie Mangino-Crandall

Insight Grants