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2014 Elementary and Secondary School Counseling grants: Open Now, Due April 28th!

The US Department of Education’s (ED) Elementary and Secondary School Counseling grants are now open! This program funds school counseling programs, just as the name indicates. Applicants may propose projects for new or expanded existing programs. The most competitive projects will be those: demonstrating the most significant need for counseling services, evidencing the most innovative and likely-to-be-successful approaches, and with significant potential for replication in other schools.

We’re providing basic information about the grant program on this site. For complete details, visit the official ED website for the program.

Program Overview: The ED program site states, “Projects should: (1) use a developmental, preventive approach, (2) expand the inventory of effective counseling programs, (3) include in-service training, and (4) involve parents and community groups.”

Additionally, the RFP states on pages 13 and 14 (underlining added): “Each program funded under this section shall–

(A) be comprehensive in addressing the counseling and educational needs of all students; (B) use a developmental, preventive approach to counseling; (C) increase the range, availability, quantity, and quality of counseling services in the elementary schools and secondary schools of the local educational agency; (D) expand counseling services through qualified school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, other qualified psychologists, or child and adolescent psychiatrists; (E) use innovative approaches to increase children’s understanding of peer and family relationships, work and self, decision making, or academic and career planning, or to improve peer interaction; (F) provide counseling services in settings that meet the range of student needs; (G) include in-service training appropriate to the activities funded under this Act for teachers, instructional staff, and appropriate school personnel, including in-service training in appropriate identification and early intervention techniques by school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, other qualified psychologists, and child and adolescent psychiatrists; (H) involve parents of participating students in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the counseling program; (I) involve community groups, social service agencies, or other public or private entities in collaborative efforts to enhance the program and promote school-linked integration of services; (J) evaluate annually the effectiveness and outcomes of the counseling services and activities assisted under this section; (K) ensure a team approach to school counseling in the schools served by the local educational agency by working toward ratios recommended by the American School Health Association of 1 school counselor to 250 students, 1 school social worker to 800 students, and 1 school psychologist to 1,000 students; and (L) ensure that school counselors, school psychologists, other qualified psychologists, school social workers, or child and adolescent psychiatrists paid from funds made available under this section spend a majority of their time counseling students or in other activities directly related to the counseling process.”

Award: Awards can be for up $400,000 per year for up to three years.

Who Can Apply? Local Educational Agencies (LEAs–school districts) and charter schools considered LEAs by their states are eligible to apply.

When is the Deadline? Applications are due by 4:30 Washington DC time on 4/28/2014 and must be submitted through

Something Cool or Unique About this Program: Five technical assistance calls will be offered by ED for potential applicants: 3/27/2014 3pm; 4/3/2014 10am; 4/3/2014 3pm; 4/10/2014 10am; and 4/10/2014 3pm. All times are Washington, DC time. Go to the program’s Applicant webpage and scroll down for login and dial-in information for each call.

Where Can I Get More Information? More information can be found at Questions my be directed to Competition Managers:

If you’d like to apply for this grant and you need assistance, please email us at

Good luck to all applicants!

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