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No 2014 PEP Competition?! What Do We Do Now?

We know from many inquiries and conversations over the last six months that a lot of schools and community-based organizations out there were very eager and have already been preparing to apply for the Carol M. White PEP grant in 2014. No doubt many are disappointed to learn they’ll have to wait until at least next year before that can happen, now that we know PEP will fund down the slate rather than accepting new applications for 2014 awards.

If you are among those who had hoped to apply or re-apply in 2014, you’re probably wondering what you can possibly do to sustain the support and momentum you may have already built between now and next year. The good news is we have a few ideas for you!

1) If you applied for PEP in 2013 but were not selected for an award, dig out your 2013 PEP application and keep it handy. Then ensure you and anyone listed in the application forms as the grant program contact, project director, or Authorized Representative vigilantly watches email this spring and summer. You will not have to re-submit an application to be considered for an award in 2014 if you applied in 2013 but did not win, but the US Department of Education (ED) may contact you with questions about your budget or other application components during the selection process. Such communications are almost always conducted over email, and the time allotted for response is typically quite short. Keep in mind being contacted with questions does not guarantee an award, and not being contacted does not mean you won’t win. The most important thing is that you are accessible and quickly and thoroughly responsive if you are contacted.

2) Keep preparing to apply! It’s not too soon to prepare (or continue to prepare) for a 2015 application. PEP is extremely complex and competitive at this point in its history. Use the extra time to really solidify your case for need and your responding project design and plan for implementation. If you’re looking for assistance with the process, contact us.

3) Watch our blog and apply for other grants! Over the next few weeks, we’ll feature some great opportunities you can consider pursuing this year in lieu of PEP. Some of these will be grants that generally support physical activity and/or nutrition education projects, and others will be for specific types of physical activity projects like biking or running programs, for example. As always, the grants featured will NOT represent an all-inclusive list. There are more great grants out there, and we’d encourage you to watch for and apply for them or contact us to discuss assistance identifying others that may be fits for your organization.

As always, good luck!!


3 Responses to “No 2014 PEP Competition?! What Do We Do Now?”
  1. Leilani Ripley says:

    Please notify me when the 2014 PEP Grant application process will begin and when it will be due.

    Thank you,

    Leilani Ripley

    • Rosalie Mangino-Crandall says:

      Hi Leilani,

      The US Department of Education has announced there will be no new PEP competition in 2014. Instead, new PEP grant awards will be made in 2014 to high-scoring 2013 applicants that did not win awards in 2013.


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