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Clarifications on the Project Prevent Grant

The RFP for the new US Department of Education Project Prevent grant can be found at All Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) interested in applying should begin working on their applications using the RFP ASAP!

Additionally, we have heard back from the Program Manager, Earl Myers, Jr. From our emails with Mr. Myers, we’ve confirmed:

  • The award range of $250,000-$1,000,000 is per year.
  • The anticipated average award is $487,500 per year.
  • School safety personnel (like School Resource Officers) and school safety equipment (like new doors, locks, security cameras, etc.) are NOT allowable expenses under this program.
  • Awards are anticipated by the end of September.
  • Applicants should tentatively plan for a project start date of 10/1/2014.
  • LEAs may apply as consortia if they wish to with one LEA serving as the lead applicant and all participating LEAs complying with all program rules, requirements, and data collection. Mr. Myers reminds us of the following important requirements for consortia applicants, “Under EDGAR 75.127, eligible entities may apply as a group (consortium) with one LEA serving as the lead.  However, each member of the group must follow the legal provisions found in EDGAR 75.129 relevant to how to do so.  These provisions include:

‘75.129 Legal responsibilities of each member of the group.

(a) If the Secretary makes a grant to a group of eligible applicants, the applicant for the group is the grantee and is legally responsible for: (1) The use of all grant funds; (2) Ensuring that the project is carried out by the group in accordance with Federal requirements; and  (3) Ensuring that indirect cost funds are determined as required under §75.564(e).

(b) Each member of the group is legally responsible to: (1) Carry out the activities it agrees to perform; and (2) Use the funds that it receives under the agreement in accordance with Federal requirements that apply to the grant.'”


Good luck to all applying!


New School Safety Grant–Project Prevent–Opened Today!

One of the brand new ED School Safety Grants the Insight Team has been watching for, Project Prevent, opened today. Applications are due 6/30/14.

This program is focused on supporting schools in communities of high violence or schools with high violence in them through mental health professionals who provide students with counseling and referrals to partnering community agencies, training for staff, and proven-effective violence and risk behavior prevention and reduction programming. The Federal Register Notice seems to indicate that violence includes community violence like shootings, as well as domestic violence and other child abuse issues.

Local Educational Agencies (public school districts and charter schools that are designated Local Educational Agencies by their states) are eligible to apply.

Awards are for up to 5 years. The award size is $250,000-$1,000,000 (probably per year but the Federal Register Notice isn’t entirely clear about that; we’ve submitted a question). There is no matching requirement. About 20 awards are anticipated.

Applicants proposing to serve one or more high-poverty schools (schools with student populations with 50% or more of the students living in poverty based on free/reduced lunch numbers or other poverty indicators acceptable through the ESEA) can qualify for three bonus points via Competitive Preference Priority 1 provided they indicate they are responding to the Priority in their abstracts and list the high-poverty schools participating in their projects in their narratives. Also, Competitive Preference Priority 2 allows for three bonus points as well if the district is coordinating with a federally designated Promise Zone.

We’ve asked the contact if the grant will fund school safety staff such as School Resource Officers or school safety equipment such as new doors, locks, and cameras and are currently waiting to hear more on this.

Here’s the link to the Federal Register Notice, which actually provides tons of information on the program:

The full RFP should be available tomorrow via

School Climate Transformation and Full Service Community Schools Grants will probably also be released later this week or next week. We’ll keep you updated on those right here on the Insight blog.

If you’d like to apply for this grant with Insight’s assistance, please contact us ASAP and we’ll send information on the cost of services. Given the limited number of awards anticipated, we’ll support a limited number of applicants to be fair to all. Further, two months is actually not long at all to prepare an application of this magnitude, and the program will likely be very, very competitive. Anyone looking to apply will want to start ASAP to have the best possible chance! Good luck!

Featured Grant Opportunity: Captain Planet Foundation Ecotech Grant Program

The Captain Planet Foundation is offering a competitive grant program in partnership with the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Awards are made for the purpose of engaging children in inquiry-based projects in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that use innovation, biomimicry / nature-based design, or new uses for technology to address environmental problems in their communities.

Award: (16) $2500 grants.

Who Can Apply? Schools or non-profit organizations.

When is the Deadline? Applications opened January 15, 2014 and will be accepted through May 31st, 2014. Awards are for projects to be conducted in the Summer and/or Fall of 2014.

Something Cool or Unique About This Opportunity: Considering it is the Captain Planet Foundation, everything about this grant is cool. Check out some of the examples of Ecotech projects previously funded on the Captain Planet Foundation page.

Where Can I get More Information? Get full information at and grant guidelines here:

2014 PEP Grant Winners Announced by U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education has announced the award of  67 grants totaling nearly $33 million to Local Education Agencies and community-based organizations through the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP). You can see the entire U.S. Department of Education 2014 PEP Press Release here. Congratulations to all those awarded, and great job to all who worked hard in putting together a proposal! We’d also like to individually congratulate the four winners who are Insight clients (Inner City Education Foundation (ICEF) Public Charter Schools (CA), LeRoy Central School (NY), Shepherd Public Schools (MT), and Shamokin Area School District (PA).

FY 2014 Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant Recipients


Alaska Gateway School District



Gadsden City Board of Education


Walker County Board of Education



Mansfield School District 76



San Carlos Unified School District



California Health Collaborative


Youth Policy Institute


Mission View Public Charter School


Kids Moving, Inc.


Alta Vista Public Charter Inc.


Inner City Education Foundation (ICEF)Public Charter Schools



School District No. 1 in the City and County of Denver



Capitol Region Education Council



The School Board of Broward County, FL


Caridad Center, Inc.



Moscow School District No.281



Matteson School District 162


Woodstock Community Unit School District 200


East St. Louis School District 189



Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation



Boys and Girls Clubs of Topeka



Fleming County Schools


Danville Independent School District


Menifee County School District


Ashland Independent School District



Madison-Tallulah Education Center



Somerville Public Schools


Brockton Public Schools



Healthy Community Coalition



Kent Intermediate School District


Lansing School District



Waubun-Ogema-White Earth Community Schools


Hendricks Public School



Simpson County School District



Shepherd Public Schools


Hays Lodge ole School District 50


North Dakota

Divide County #1 School District



Educational Service Unit #1


Educational Service Unit #6


New Mexico

The Grant Experts, dba:  Capacity Builders, Inc.


New York

Holley Central School District


LeRoy Central School


St. Christophers Incorporated


Clyde-Savannah Central School District


I Challenge Myself, Inc.


Olean City School District


Lewiston-Porter Central School District



Lake County General Health District



Putnam City School District 1-001, Oklahoma County


Schools for Healthy Lifestyles, Inc.


Keys Public Schools


Checotah Public Schools



Keystone Central School District


Archway Charter School of Chester, Inc.


The School District of the City of Erie, PA


Shamokin Area School District


South Dakota




Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley



Harlandale Independent School District



Salt Lake City School District



Unity School District


West Allis-West Milwaukee School District


Lake Geneva Jt#1 Elementary School District


Pittsville School District


Riverdale School District


Highland School District


Mukwonago Area School District


We’ve already begun signing up and working with applicants interested in applying in 2015. Although there is no guarantee of a 2015 PEP competition, we do anticipate one. With the competition becoming more and more competitive each year, it helps to get some pieces of your project in order far in advance, and an early start makes this more achievable. If you are interested in working with us for your PEP Grant project, contact us.

2014 PEP Grant Awards Are Coming Soon!

Yesterday we started hearing about schools being notified by members of Congress that they had won 2014 Carol M. White PEP grants! If you applied for a PEP grant in 2013 and scored highly but did not win, it’s possible you may be selected for a 2014 award since the US Department of Education (ED/US ED) is funding down the slate this year rather than holding a new PEP grant competition. This means new applications are not being accepted in 2014, BUT new awards will still be made. The pool of eligible applicants in 2014 includes all 2013 PEP grant applicants who did not win an award in 2014. Applications are not re-scored, however, and awards are made based on reviewer scores, so those who scored well in 2013 will be in the best positions for 2014 awards.

If you have been selected for an award in 2014, you may or may not hear the news first from your House Rep and/or Senator. Not all members choose to contact their constituents. Either way, if you’ve won an award this year, ED will email and/or mail your organization an official Grant Award Notification (GAN) document in the near future.

The full list of 2014 PEP grant winners should be out very soon now that Congressional notifications have begun. We’ll post it here when it’s available. Good luck to all 2013 applicants in the running for 2014!

Featured Grant Opportunity: Shape the State Tennessee

The BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Foundation is awarding up to 20 grants valued at $10,000 each to Tennesee middle schools as part of its Shape the State program. The grant funding is awarded to schools to purchase SPARK physical education curriculum, training, and materials in an effort to promote better health for students.

We’re providing basic information about the grant program on this site. For complete details, visit

Award: $10,000

Who Can Apply? Tennessee middle schools

When is the Deadline? Applications are being accepted through April 18th, 2014

Something Cool or Unique About This Opportunity: The program utilizes SPARK physical education curriculum, training and materials specifically for middle schools. Read more information on the SPARK Middle School PE Program here.

Where Can I Get More Information? Visit the official website at where you can get the application, read more information about the program and SPARK, as well as see past grant recipients.

Spring 2014 Insight Company News and Notes

The Insight Team has been busy on a number of projects to start 2014. We hope the year has started off well for you. Here are some notes on current items our team has been working on.

  • We’ve been making an effort to highlight featured grant opportunities on the Insight blog. While the focus of the grants is often based around physical education, we will also be featuring and discussing a wide variety of grants that cover other industries and topics as well. We also offer some very helpful sources for finding grant opportunities online at our Find Grants page. If you are in the early stages of looking for grant opportunities, that is definitely a good place to start. To stay up to date with the ongoing opportunities we feature, you can subscribe to our blog via email or follow Insight Grants on twitter.
  • We’ve recently completed multiple grant proposals as well as editing for various clients. Project topics have varied from physical activity  to fire departments.  Although we can’t share details on these projects yet, we look forward to talking about some of the innovative and exciting projects if funding is awarded.
  • Working on applications for the Carol M. White PEP grant program is usually a big spring project for the Insight Team. With no new PEP competition in 2014, it’s important for those interested in physical activity funding to watch for other opportunities and maximize the time they have before the next competition (anticipated 2015). For more information, see our blog post titled, No 2014 PEP Competition?! What Do We Do Now? Applicants from 2013 that scored highly but did not win may be awarded PEP grants in 2014. We’ve started hearing about the first winners TODAY (4/8/2014), as some members of Congress have begun contacting winners in their constituencies. If you’ve won, you may or may not hear directly from Congress, but you WILL eventually hear directly from ED via email and/or mail and you would be listed on the awards list which should surface soon.
  • Speaking of PEP, although there is no guarantee of a 2015 PEP competition, we do anticipate one. We’ve already begun signing up and working with applicants interested in applying in 2015. With the competition becoming more and more competitive each year, it helps to get some pieces of your project in order far in advance, and an early start makes this more achievable. If you are interested in working with us for your PEP Grant project, contact us.
  • We’re working with various PEP Grant winners to evaluate their ongoing projects. It is amazing to see the hard work of the project directors, school staff, and community stakeholders pay off with students improving fitness levels, nutrition habits, and education. We’ve featured aspects from Kenston Schools in Ohio and the Police Athletic League in NYC, and look forward to sharing more good news from PEP projects in the future.
  • We’ve been working with our long-time partner Polar to create some exciting new web resources for grant seekers interested in including Polar products and services in their grant projects! We’ll be posting more on those soon.
  • We have begun promoting three exciting US ED grant programs that are expected to open competitions within the month: School Climate Transformations grants for LEAs (school safety), Project Prevent (school safety), and Full Service Community Schools (covers MANY topic areas).

If you’d like us to assist you with your grant application or project evaluation, please contact us.

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