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2015 PEP Grant Applicants

Updated January 2015: In communications we recently had with the PEP Program Manager, Carlette KyserPegram, we learned that the amount appropriated by Congress for 2015 was NOT enough to make new PEP grants in 2015. See more details here.

We are now in one of the busiest times of the year for educators and administrators. With the summer break coming to a close and the school year kicking into full swing, everyone has a full plate. For schools and organizations interested in applying for a PEP grant, it is important to keep the possibility of a 2015 competition on your radar. With the continued competitiveness of this important federal grant program, schools need to really prepare early in order to put themselves in a good position to submit a competitive application.  For a few tips on important actions you can take to get a jump start on grant applications check out this list we put together with our partners at Polar USA.

If you are interested in hiring Insight to work with your school in developing and writing a PEP grant application, please contact us. We have several schools already on board for this year and will be taking on a limited number of ¬†additional applicants on a first come first serve basis. We are optimistic that there will be a 2015 competition, and with 2014 funding going “down the slate” to high-scoring but non-winning 2013 applicants, it is expected that a large number of applicants would be submitting in the event of a new competition 2015–making this year’s competition even more competitive.

We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to assist many clients in securing PEP funding. We’ve seen firsthand the incredibly positive personal fitness and nutrition education achievements this program has had on students around the country. Our CEO Rosalie Mangino-Crandall has written 24 winning PEP grants and edited another 46 winning PEP grants (70 total!).

For more information on our PEP Grant services check out the PEP Grant section of our site, or contact us. You can email or fill out our contact form online here. We would be happy to discuss your ideas, where you currently are, our fees for developing and writing your application, and the best way to proceed.

We hope everyone has a safe and successful start to the school year!

2014 PEP Grant Evaluation Clients

The Insight Team has extensive experience in evaluating PEP Grants and is currently applying to open RFPs to evaluate funded 2014 PEP Grant projects. If you are looking for an evaluator, please feel free to email RFP information to

To date, we’ve evaluated 29 PEP grants since 2008, including 14 completed PEP evaluations and 15 PEP evaluations for projects currently in progress.

For more information on our grant evaluation services, visit our PEP Grant Evaluation Section.




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