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Grant Opportunity: Skills for Success (New Program Through ED)

A new grant program through the U.S. Department of Education titled “Skills for Success” is opening this week (6/11/15).

“The Skills for Success Program supports Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and their partners in implementing, evaluating, and refining tools and approaches for developing the non-cognitive skills of middle-grades students in order to increase student success. Grants provide funding for the implementation, evaluation, and refinement of existing tools and approaches (e.g. digital games, growth mindset classroom activities, experiential learning opportunities) that integrate the development of students’ non-cognitive skills into classroom-level activities and existing strategies designed to improve schools.”

The program has two absolute priorities:

Developing Non-Cognitive Skills in Middle-Grades Students and Supporting High-Need Students

Deadline: July 29th, 2015

Awards: 4 to 5 awards are expected to be made, with awards having an average size of $500,000

For complete information, look for the RFP to be available through the Forecast of Funding Page under the Office of Innovation and Improvement. The Federal Register announcement can be viewed here.

Insight Grants