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Featured Grant Opportunity: AstraZeneca Connections for Cardiovascular Health

The AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation is offering grant funding through their Connections for Cardiovascular Health Program. This exciting program was first offered in 2010.

We’re including some basic information on the grant below. For complete details be sure to visit the AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation program website.

Program Overview: Grant funding will be awarded to US-based, nonprofit organizations working to improve cardiovascular health in their communities.

Schools are eligible applicants, and a school-based project could be competitive, although we caution schools that they will be competing with all kinds of projects for cardiovascular wellness. While a project involving Physical Education (PE) program improvement one piece of a multi-component project, we aren’t confident a project that is aiming solely at PE improvement would be very competitive.

Award: The minimum annual request amount is $150,000. Awards typically range from $150,000 to $250,000 per year. In 2014, applicants may request funding for one- or two-year projects, although the funder indicates that only exceptional projects will be considered for multi-year awards and that even those applicants will have to complete an application process for the second year of funding–funding for both years is not guaranteed by an award made for the first year.

Who Can Apply: Applicants must be US-based, nonprofit organizations with a 501(c) designation or public schools, government entities or municipal institutions that are eligible to accept tax-deductable, charitable contributions. Both individual schools and school districts are eligible to apply! Organizations that have a 509(a)(3)designation are ineligible for funding unless the organization is renewing previously awarded CCH program funding.

When is the Deadline? 2/27/2014

How Much Work is Involved in the Application? This application requires quite a bit of effort. As would be expected with a large award size, the funded is requiring a thorough plan that is well-thought out and justified, and applicants need to present a substantial amount of detail on all aspects of their projects. The funder notes that in 2013, they received 500 applications and made 19 awards. This means 1 in about 26 applicants–3.8%–received awards, making this program extremely competitive. We include these statistics not to discourage you from applying but to underscore the necessity of a very detailed and well-articulated project plan in line with the funder’s rules, requirements, and overall aims.

Something Cool or Unique About this Opportunity: The application must be submitted online, but the funder includes a full PDF of all of the questions and notes to consider as you generate your responses. Even better, the Foundation provides a sample application for potential applicants to help them better understand the types of responses the Foundation is looking for! Make use of this great tool!

More Information/How to Apply: Visit the AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation website for complete program information and click the “how to apply” tab.

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