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Featured Grant Opportunity: BCBS South Carolina Foundation

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of South Carolina is making grants to 501c3 non-profits and government agencies located in and serving target populations in South Carolina.

We’re including basic information on the grant below. Be sure to visit the BCBS South Carolina Foundation grants page for full details and access to the required Letter of Intent form.

Program Overview: The BCBS of South Carolina is making grants for the following topic areas in 2014: Prevention of Obesity, Child/Adolescent Health, Community Health, Health Care and Free Medical Clinics, Mental Health, Nursing Issues, and Research/Special Topics. Details on the focuses of each topic area can be found at the BCBS South Carolina Grants Page.

Award: The funder site indicates there is no specific request limit or range, and that all requests should be justified and reasonable. We contacted the funder to try to obtain a bit more detail here, and the contact responding reiterated the Foundation does not have a specific award range and the importance of providing clear justification for all grant requests.

Who Can Apply: 501c3 non-profits and government agencies located in and serving target populations in South Carolina.

When is the Deadline: There are two grant cycles in 2014. One cycle is in the Spring, and one is in the Fall. For the first cycle, those interested in applying must submit a Letter of Intent using the foundation’s two-page form to be received by 5pm next Wednesday,  2/19/2014.  The Letter of Intent may be emailed, mailed, or hand-delivered but must be received by 5pm on the deadline day. The funder notes that overnight deliveries are discouraged since all packages received by the Foundation are first delivered to the corporate mail room. Actual receipt by the Foundation of items sent overnight may take up to three days. Therefore, overnighting your Letter the day before the deadline will most likely mean your letter will be received by the Foundation AFTER the deadline and not be considered.

After reviewing your letter, if the Foundation is interested in your proposed project, the Foundation will request a full grant proposal and indicate the deadline for that proposal.

How Much Work is Involved in the Application? The required Letter of Intent form is brief and allows you to provide a very quick overview of the key components of your project and the population you’ll serve. Due to the short length of this form, and the funder’s requirement responses be limited to the two-page form, completing and submitting it should not require much time at all. We anticipate that most potential applicants with clear ideas in mind about who they will serve, what they will do, and how much that will cost should be able to complete the form in a week or less. The Foundation indicates that cover letters, letters of support, commitment, or recommendations should NOT be included in the submission.

The amount of work required to complete a full application, if requested, is unknown, but we anticipate it would be a typically significant amount of time. Applicants who are asked to complete full grant proposals should be prepared to provide full details on all aspects of their proposed projects and should allow themselves several weeks to prepare their proposals.


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