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Featured Grant Opportunity: CYCLE Kids Fit Kids are Happy Kids Grant

CYCLE Kids is an incredible organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that offers a Fit Kids are Happy Kids Grant to obtain a CYCLE Kids Program. CYCLE kids uses a comprehensive curriculum that teaches not just the skill and safe practices of riding a bike, but also how to make good nutrition choices; incorporating physical activity, reading and writing skills.

Below you’ll find basic information on the grant. If you are interested in getting the complete details or applying be sure to visit the Fit Kids are Happy Kids Grant page.

Program Overview: Designed for 4th and 5th grade students, the program can be taught during physical education classes or in after school programs.

Award: A license agreement with CYCLE Kids for curriculum and program use, teacher guidebooks, teacher training, 50 student textbooks, 10 bicycles, and 25 helmets–a $15,000 value!

Who Can Apply: Public or private schools, including charter schools or after school programs affiliated with a community center, such as a YMCA, that serves 4th and 5th grade students.

When is the Deadline?: March 3, 2014.

Where Do I Apply?: CYCLE Kids Fit Kids are Happy Kids Grant

How much work is involved in the application?: Not much! One of many great things about this application is that it is very short and simple! Good luck!!

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