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Physical Education and Nutrition Grants

The Insight Team has extensive experience helping schools and community based organizations in their efforts to secure funding through grant programs. We’veĀ  written, edited, and helped conceptualize various projects and equipment proposals that have been successfully funded for relatively small to very large amounts.

If you are looking for funding opportunities related to physical education and/or nutrition, the opportunities listed below may be helpful. We also offer featured grant opportunities on our Insight Grants Blog throughout the year.

Physical Education/Nutrition Grant Funding Opportunities:

In addition to the national opportunities above, there are often regional opportunities through state governments, foundations, and organizations.

Please note that this list of physical education and nutrition grants is not meant to be all inclusive. There may be many other great funding opportunities available to your organization. Many states and foundations offer programs that you may find helpful. If you know of a funding opportunity that you would like to see added to this list, please contact us.

Insight Grants