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Full Service Community Schools Grant Now Open!

Exciting news for elementary and secondary education schools: the Full Service Community Schools (FSCS) Grant is now open! This grant supports projects offering coordination of academic, social, and health services through partnerships between (1) public elementary and secondary schools; (2) the schools’ local educational agencies (LEAs); and (3) community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, and other public or private entities.

When is the Deadline?: Friday, June 20th, 2014

Who Can Apply?: An applicant must be a consortium consisting of an LEA and one or more community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, or other public or private entities.

Award Information: The estimated range for awards is $275,000 – $500,000 per year for up to five years. The applicant’s request amount for a single must not exceed $500,000. Applicants MUST provide a cash and/or inkind match and are encouraged to provide a minimum match of 20% from non-Federal sources. An estimated 10 awards will be made in 2014.

Where Can I Get Complete Details?: The Federal Register has thorough information on the grant, and the Full Service Community Schools page on is updated with 2014 information. 2014 Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the program’s FAQ page. Note that you will need to go to the Full Service Community Schools posting to obtain the full RFP. Once there, click on the “Application Package” tab toward the top of the page, then “Download” in the “Instructions and Applications” column around the middle of the page. Then sign up to receive program updates. Then click “1. Download Application Instruction” toward the bottom of the page.

Other Useful Information: The deadline for notice of intent to apply is May 21,2014, however submission of a Notice of Intent is optional–you can still apply if you don’t submit one. The department will hold a pre-application webinar for prospective applicants on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST.

Each applicant must include a Memorandum of Agreement that includes the roles, responsibilities, and signatures of all partners.

Use your time wisely: this is a lengthy, comprehensive application that cannot be completed well at that last minute. Start today!

If you are interested in grant writing or editing services for your project, please contact us. This will be a competitive program with a quickly approaching deadline, the sooner you get started the better!


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  1. Jean Romano says:

    In eastern Connecticut, a public school district, a community college, and a four year University (ECSU) have been discussing this idea for over a year. The University President and the Superintendent of the Windham Schools are engaged in talks with faculty and community leaders. Quinnebaug, the Community College, has a new President who has just joined the conversation. The 2014 deadline was missed, mostly due to changes in personnel, but the consortium is in an excellent position to produce a working plan this year. We sincerely hope this competition will be open in 2015.

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