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Winning a grant is very exciting, but after the celebration, winners are sometimes left with more questions than answers. Insight’s knowledge and experience with PEP grant writing and evaluation allows us to offer you helpful and decisive guidance to put you at ease as you implement and evaluate the project you’ve worked so hard to design.

Insight evaluations provide prompt, individualized attention focused on assessing implementation progress and quality and outcomes. Not only will you get professionally prepared reports, but we will help you put in place practices and methods to gather crucial data from your student body that will be used to monitor project success. We’re always available to answer questions and will help you understand and stay up to date on grant program rules, requirements, and assessment criteria.

Our services are proven; we currently have completed or are in the evaluation process of 28 PEP projects. We would be happy to put you in touch with some of our evaluation clients, if you would like to know more about what the experience was like for them.

If you have any questions on PEP Grant Evaluation services please contact us by phone at 716-474-0981 or email

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