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Police Athletic League PEP Grant Video

Insight has the privilege of serving as the grant evaluator for the Police Athletic League’s (PAL) 2010 PEP Grant entitled PAL PEP!. Over the past two years, we have been thoroughly enjoying collaborating with the great folks that work for PAL and watching the already-strong programs they offer expand and evolve to include solid, comprehensive, and FUN physical and nutrition education components. PAL’s Harlem Center has partnered with the Public School 180 (the school with the greatest number of students taking part in program activities), at least 11 other neighborhood schools, Harlem Seeds, FC Harlem, Bike NY, Healthy Schools/Healthy Families, NYC Police Department, the Office of NYC Councilwoman Inez Dickens, the NYC Department of Health, and others to operate a PEP project that includes an afterschool program, a summer program, and an innovative lunchtime physical education program. Evaluation results to date have consistently shown that the percentage of students who are physically active for 60 minutes daily, achieving age-appropriate cardiovascular fitness, and enjoying and increasing their engagement in physical fitness activities has increased and continues to rise!

Check out the video about their program that the PAL team put together! It includes commentary from the Assistant Principal of PS 180, PAL staff, and active kids participating in PAL PEP!


The PAL PEP! program is designed to give students from Central Harlem opportunities to take part in a variety of activities designed to improve their health, increase their physical fitness, and develop lifelong healthy habits.

The Police Athletic League also recently did a flash mob with participation from about 200 kids and adults in support of another project. Watch it here:



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