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    We work with schools, school districts, nonprofit organizations, and municipalities seeking to close identified funding gaps through grant programs. We also support for-profit and vendor entities who offer valuable products and services to these public sector organizations by offering information and assistance that will aid their customers in obtaining funding to make needed purchases.

    What We Specialize In

    While Insight has notable experience with grants across many funding topic areas, our greatest areas of expertise and success are: grants for physical education (PE), physical activity, nutrition, anti-obesity, and health and safety programs; and other grants for K-12 schools. The bulk of our efforts and energy are devoted to these areas. We've been especially successful with the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP).

    Our CEO, Rosalie Mangino-Crandall, has personally written 24 and edited an additional 46 winning PEP grants since 2003. Overall, approximately one in three of the PEP grants we write receives an award, though we have several writers with approval averages of 50% or more with this grant program. In 2013 we won more than half (55.6%) of the PEP Grants we wrote. In 2014 with PEP funding down the slate we won an additional 4 of the PEP Grants we wrote, bringing our averages even higher! This significantly exceeds the annual percentage of grants awarded nationally, which has ranged from 5% to 16% since 2006.

    Why Contact Insight about Your Grant Project?

    * We've secured over $67 Million Dollars for our clients in grant funding, and supplied direct assistance to over 200 organizations!
    * Our success with the Carol M. White PEP Grant Program includes winning over $42 Million Dollars for Schools, including over $9 Million in 2010 alone (when 1 in 7 PEP grant winners was an Insight Grants client), over $7 Million in 2011, over $5 Million in 2013, and over $2 Million in 2014!
    * We provide evaluation services for a wide variety of grants. In total, we’ve done 28 evaluations of physical activity and nutrition grants.
    * We've participated in more than 10 federal grant reviews in addition to several local grant reviews as peer review panel members and/or facilitators.
    * Our CEO has spoken at over 25 Conferences and is considered by her peers as a top expert in the grant writing industry.
    * We believe in giving our all to every one of our projects and clients.
Insight Grants