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We offer a range of grant research services priced to fit most budgets. Our research is done diligently “by hand,” meaning an individual on our team reviews all opportunities for any given client. While some grants firms offer primarily automated research results generically pulled from a database, we take a different approach. We strive to deliver helpful, specific opportunities for our clients by reviewing the latest information on each grant opportunity we list; comparing focuses and requirements to potential applicant needs, goals, and resources; and contacting funders for clarification as needed.

We understand, though, that not every organization has a budget for professional grant research services–however reasonably priced. If your organization is unable to contract for research services at this time, and you’re just looking for a listing of places you can visit on your own to hunt for grants that might meet your needs, we recommend the following FREE resources.

Useful Links for Finding Grant Opportunities Online

1.) US Department of Education Federal Education Grant Programs

This page provides a list of federal education grant programs that are currently accepting applications.


This is resource designed to help applicants identify all federal grants currently accepting applications and apply to most of them.

3.) Polar USA Grants and Funding Page 

In collaboration with Polar USA, we’ve created resources for grant funding opportunities. You can visit the Polar grants apply now section to see grants that are currently open. There are also two large grant research reports showcasing grant opportunities for K-12 schools and community-based organizations. One of the reports focuses on grant opportunities provided by foundations and corporations, while the other focuses on grant opportunities provided by the government. These research reports are updated throughout the year and provide a thorough look at a wide variety of funding opportunities. These are great resources for schools that are interested in applying for grant funding.

4.) The Insight Grants Blog

We write about grants and grant news all the time. Be sure to sign up for our email list on the right side of our blog, and follow our Featured Grant Opportunities category on the blog.

5.) Rural Assistance Center’s (RAC) Funding Opportunities Database

The Rural Assistance Center Database covers a wide range of topics and eligibility categories that includes both government and private funding sources. It also allows you to search by type, sponsor, topic, and state. This database is very comprehensive and accurate.

6.) The Center for Health and Healthcare in Schools Grant Alerts

This page is a great resource for active health and healthcare grants, especially those for schools. You can also sign up for free grant alerts via email.

7.) Foundation Center’s RFP Bulletin

For a wide range of private grant funding sources currently accepting applications, check out (and sign up to receive) the Foundation Center’s RFP Bulletin. The Foundation Center is widely regarded as the largest database or private funding sources, but it is a fee-based database that can be too costly for small organizations. The RFP Bulletin, however, is a weekly email blast that anyone can sign up for free of charge.

8.) Fire Department Grant Funding

If you are a fire department or related organization looking for funding opportunities, the fire department grant funding link may be helpful for your department needs. We’ve put together this list of some of the top opportunities for fire department grants.

If you have any questions or are in need of grants research services for your organization, please contact us here.

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