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Services Offered for Private and Public Sector Businesses

The Insight Team’s ability, capacity, and track record of success in bringing public and private sector clients to the table together in order to make grants work for both sectors is unmatched. We have a keen understanding of the workings of both types of organization, as well as a clear concept of how grant funding applies their unique and connected dynamics. Simplified, public sector business is crucial to industry/for-profit company success, but public sector business is often contingent on the municipal or nonprofit organization receiving grant funding to make the needed purchases. Limited human and financial resources often result in public sector organizations missing out on key funding opportunities because knowledge of the opportunities and how to navigate the grants process or the capacity to apply is simply not there. It behooves your for-profit organization, as an esteemed or aspiring industry leader, to offer your public sector customers some level of grant support. Certainly, doing so will increase your customers’ chances of receiving funding crucial for purchasing your products and services; but offering this kind of support will also allow you to provide an added value your competitors may not, while building the customers’ image of your sales team members as trusted key resources.

Insight offers a variety of industry support services that will empower your sales force to provide customers with “a leg up” in the grants arena. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Grant research and analysis appropriate to your company’s solutions
  • Grant research and analysis specific to an identified customer’s needs and resources
  • Funding-seeking planning
  • Grant proposal development
  • Grant proposal editing
  • Post-announcement consultation
  • On-site and web-based training for both sales teams and customers.

 We can customize a package that will meet your company’s specific needs.

Industry Grant Service Pricing

The pricing models below are included to give our potential clients a guideline of our service offerings and pricing. Please contact us with any specific questions you may have.

Grant Research:

•    $600 for single-topic/single-project grant research
•    $3,500 for a Directory of Grant Opportunities listing of grants (usually 25-50) relevant to your organization’s products and services with a brief analysis of each, award information, eligibility, deadline, and link or contact information
•    $300 for a Statement of Suitability listing opportunities applicable to a specific customer’s needs and resources, further discussion and analysis of fit, a discussion of the likelihood the client will be funded, and discussion of relevant state or foundation opportunities (must be purchased after the Directory of Grant Opportunities)
•    $200 for funding-seeking planning
•    $1,000 for program/project fundability analysis (includes grant research)

Grant Writing—flat rates ranging from:

•    $500 to $7,500 for foundation grants—with most foundation grants falling in the $900 to $2,500-range
•    $1,500 to $20,000 for government grants—with most government grants falling in the $3,000 to $10,000-range

Grant Editing:

•    $600 for Single-round editing
•    $1,500 for up to three rounds of editing (for most grants)
•    $2,000 for Intensive Capacity Building Service (includes a training call, organizational tools, and up to three rounds of editing)


•    $1,000 plus travel expenses for on-site speaking/training
•    $600 plus technical expenses for web-based speaking/training
Post-Award Services:
•    $300 for post-award consultation and planning
•    Call for pricing for other post-award services, including evaluation and report preparation. (Note: We offer evaluation services only for a limited number of topic areas.)

Hourly rate for other support services: $100

Insight Grants