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We believe that Insight Grants Development is the best grants consulting firm in the country, but you don’t have to take our word for it… Here’s what clients are saying about us.

“After not being selected as a PEP grant recipient in 2004, we decided to work with a professional grant writer and were referred to Rosalie Mangino-Crandall and her firm. From the first communication with Rosalie, I knew we had the right person and firm to ‘put us over the top’ and receive funding. I am happy to say that we have been awarded $253,000 as a result of Rosalie Mangino-Crandall’s experience, organization, and insight. We are thrilled with all the effort and enthusiasm she put into our grant application!” –Jeff Evoy, Primary School Principal and Curriculum Director, Pembroke Central School District, NY

“The Cornwall Lebanon School District decided to submit a proposal for the 2006 PEP grant.  Due to the complexities of the application process our school district decided to hire a grant editor.  We were referred to Rosalie Mangino-Crandall from Insight Grants Development.  The services that we received from Rosalie were excellent and went above and beyond expectations.  Rosalie did more than just edit, she was willing to have one-on-one telephone conversations at my convenience to discuss and evaluate our proposal.  Rosalie completely understands all aspects of grant writing, which is critical in creating an award-winning proposal.  As a result of Rosalie’s expertise, the Cornwall Lebanon School district was awarded a three-year PEP grant award.” -Lynn Lechleitner, Physical Education Teacher, Cornwall Lebanon School District, PA

“The entire process was user friendly. I was always able to reach appropriate staff by email or when necessary phone. Staff was very approachable and patient. They listened to ideas and concerns and used suggestions where appropriate.” –John S. Boccuzzi, Assistant Superintendent, New Fairfield Public School District, CT

“Insight’s staff and Rosalie are always professional and thorough. I know I have a much better chance of submitting a proposal that will get funded with their assistance.” –Lisa Hackett, Physical Education Professional, Rhinebeck Central School District, NY


“It was extremely enjoyable to work with Rosalie in developing [Innovative Learning Fund] grant applications this past fall [2007]. Her experience with grant application reviewing and writing was certainly evident in preparing my applications…definitely a benefit to me! Because of Rosalie, I feel more confident and more likely than not to participate [in future grant writing efforts].” –Eddie Pinder, Physical Education Mentor, School District 16, New Brunswick, CANADA

“I appreciate the professionalism and patience with which I was treated during this process. Suggestions were positive and clearly explained. As this was my first grant application, I had no idea what to expect. Jennifer and Scott were easy to partner with. The finished product was one of which I was truly proud!” –Janie Baucum, Physical Education Teacher, Willard Ross Stuard Elementary School of Aledo Independent School District, TX

“I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of Rosalie and her staff.  My district has hired Insight Grants to write our PEP grant this school year (2008).  We look forward to working with Insight Grants. I would highly recommend Insight Grants to anyone looking to write grants.” –Marc Agnello, Physical Education Teacher, Wellsville Central School District, NY

“Communication is the key to a successful and productive relationship between grant writers and schools. Rosalie and Sara were nothing short of wonderful with their communication and work ethic. I made it a point to introduce myself to Rosalie at an Upstate conference where she also attended. Insight is where it’s at!” –Rob Kolb, Physical Education Chairperson, Lynbrook Public Schools, NY

“In our recent attempt to completely overhaul our Physical Education and Health programs, we applied to a commercial vendor of equipment to provide us with a grant writing service to help us find funding. We were fortunate enough to receive the services of Insights Grant Development. Throughout the lengthy and complicated process of applying for the Carol White PEP grant from the federal government, we worked intensively with both Rosalie Mangino-Crandall, the President and CEO of the company, and with one of the company’s grant writers. The services that Insight Grants Development provided were extraordinary. The consultants are knowledgeable and experienced. There was no question put to them that they were not able to help us with. They provided a wide array of research and other resources for our grant preparation process. They answered e-mails within an hour throughout the months of work. They were willing to work with all of us, not just with the principal grant writer on our end. Whoever had the question could get direct contact and help. We cannot say enough about the support we received. The proof of Insight’s effectiveness in partnering with us lies in our recent victory in winning one of this year’s [2008] PEP grants. We could not have done it without their leadership and guidance.” –Carol Spencer, Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, Addison Northwest Supervisory Union (ANWSU), VT

“I highly recommend Rosalie and her staff at Insight Grants Development as trainers and technical assistance providers for your agency. I worked with them on our most recent [2008] PEP application and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They first developed a thorough understanding of our needs as a district and formulated a plan on how those needs can be addressed through our application. In addition they specifically outlined what information they would need from us and what the timeline would be. We were able to review the grant as it was developed and it was a true reflection of our district and not simply a cookie cutter application. Her staff was extremely accessible and knowledgeable and there were not any last minute surprises and the application was not rushed. I was so happy with may experience with Insight Grants Development that I began recommending them imminently.” –Greg Bump, Former Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Wellsville Central School District, NY (currently Principal in another district)

“Insight was very easy to work with. They were very informative on which grants were out there that would be a good fit for my school. Everything was very methodical and organized. They were awesome to work with.” –Tammy Brant, PE Teacher, Selma Middle School, Liberty-Perry School Corporation, IN

“Rosalie is great! I would love to work with her again.” –Marvin Christley, PE Teacher and Grant Coordinator, New Haven Public Schools, CT

“Insight Grants was very helpful in helping us win a PEP Grant. Thank You Rosalie Mangino. She was very helpful and constantly helped me.” –George Velarde, PE Department Chair, Sierra Vista Junior High School, William S. Hart Union High School District, CA

“Polar has been fortunate to partner with Insight Grants Development for several years now, providing our customers a service to help secure funding through opportunities that are best suited for them. The support we receive from Insight for our customers has continued to be outstanding. Not only will Insight members research the public and private opportunities to determine the best fits for each school, they are able to constantly update us on new funding opportunities available and leverage learning from past grant years to help make each proposal more qualified than the last. We rely on Insight as our ‘go-to’ grant experts, and they always manage to surpass our expectations, and those of our customers.” –Jessica McCarthy, Assistant Marketing Manager, Polar Electro, Inc.

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